Total Coins: 3187
Total Market Cap: $ 17,108,792,331,866
24H Trade Volume: $ 5,748,498,878
Time New Bank (TNB)
$ 0.009056782 ( -2.78%)
Mkt. Cap.
$ 40.9 M
Vol. 24H
TNB 144.25 K ($ 1,377.192)
Open 24h
$ 0.0093155472
Low/High 24h
$ 0.0088627081 - $ 0.0095096211
Last trade
TNB 0 ($ 0) / HuobiPro

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Description of Time New Bank (TNB)

Release Date: November, 2017

 What is TNB?

Times New Bank or TNB, is a cryptocurrency that is based on Blockchain technology. The purpose of it is to help users establish time-value transmissions on a network. The project is led by Vincent Lim, Andrew Wong, Chris Weilacker, and Best Liang, who are all founders.

 TNB Functionality

 TNB is created in order to organized a highly detailed networked composed of primary, secondary, and third party markets for the exchange of time-commodities. All of the value transfers that occur within the TNB ecosystem are backed by and recorded in the Blockchain. The goal of is to make sure that commodities held by time exporters are recognized and demanded by a special scientific analysis model.

 TNB employs what is known as MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T), this is what allows for time assets to be valued. The network takes advantage of smart contract technology in order to achieve the automated management of digitized assets.

 M.I.T is meant to establish a comprehensive time transmission network that intertwines internationalization, transaction flexibility, price transparency, rights protection, and of course, decentralization. The project presents the world’s first international personal IPO platform, tokenization of time and skills, decentralized time value measurement, transparent transactions, and smart contracts along with digital identities.