Total Coins: 3187
Total Market Cap: $ 17,108,792,331,866
24H Trade Volume: $ 5,748,498,878
Stox (STX)
$ 0.083378612 ( 1.69%)
Mkt. Cap.
$ 4.77 M
Vol. 24H
STX 0 ($ 0)
Open 24h
$ 0.081989336
Low/High 24h
$ 0.081217516 - $ 0.084767888
Last trade
STX 0 ($ 0) / Liqui

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Description of Stox (STX)

Stox Origin

Release Date: August, 2017.

Stox an Ethereum Blockchain based prediction market platform is led by CEO Yossi Peretz, previously the COO of The platform is entirely open sourced and allows any individual to make bets regarding the outcome of future events in almost any possible category. So, any user can make profits by predicting regular events in real time.

Stox Functionality

The entire Stox network is based on the STX token. The tokens are used are used to cover fees, collaterals, and to act as the main currency that participants use to invest in event predictions. There are a total of 57 and a half million STX tokens in circulation.

The Stox platform employs three agents, operators, users, and, providers. Providers being the people that drive traffic to the platform and develop new decentralized applications. Operators are responsible for generating and managing events. What’s interesting is that anyone can be an operator for Stox. Additionally, a single individual can be both an operator and provider. The Stox platform also has a discovery feature, syndicate program, promotional credit mechanisms, and affiliate programs.

In the future, Stox aims to produce a decentralized platform, as well as a p2p prediction mobile market application. Interestingly enough, the Stox platform utilizes the Bancor protocol for increased liquidity.