Total Coins: 4344
Total Market Cap: $ 17,214,374,173,658
24H Trade Volume: $ 6,457,934,019
AidCoin (AID)
$ 0.0522 ( 0%)
Mkt. Cap.
$ 5.22 M
Vol. 24H
AID 124.49 K ($ 6,534.722)
Open 24h
$ 0.0522
Low/High 24h
$ 0.05211 - $ 0.056
Last trade
AID 3,744.968 ($ 195.487) / Bitfinex

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Description of AidCoin (AID)

AidCoin Origin

Release Date: January 16, 2018.

Both the AidCoin and the AidChain platform were developed in 2013 by CharitySystems, a fundraising organization. The team behind the project has collaborated with many charities and organizations, such as WWF and Unicef.

Aidcoin Functionality

AidCoin, is a token adhering to ERC20 standards and built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Its primary purpose is to become the go to method for fully transparent donations through the Ethereum Network. ADC wants to become the go to cryptocurrency for donation and charitable purposes. The project utilizes what is known as AidChain, which is a network that connects a ton of services related to non-profit community activities in order to boost transparency and security behind donations.

Additionally, AidChain has a feature which allows users to exchange most popular cryptocurrencies for AidCoin, as well as an inbuilt wallet, and donation tracker. Tools are also provided for users which can be utilized to connect with other donors and individuals down the donation chain.

The project also possesses a feature known as AidPay, which is in basic terms, a payment gateway and widget that allows charitable organizations registered with the platform to take in various cryptocurrencies as donations. These cryptocurrencies are then automatically converted into AidCoin and can be stored and managed through a single wallet interface.