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Description of AdEx (ADX)

ADX Origin

Release Date: July 10, 2017.

ADX or, advertisement exchange is a decentralized platform that allows advertisers and online publishers to work on advertising contracts in a decentralized and cost efficient manner. Users can use the ADX network to filter and manage their personal privacy and data, selecting which advertisements they would like to be exposed to. The project was founded by Ivo Georgiev and is composed of individuals with a plethora of experience in the Blockchain and AdTech sectors.

ADX Functionality

ADX is based on the Ethereum Blockchain. It links up advertisers on an advertising platform that is entirely secure, transparent, and beneficial to everyone. ADX, the cryptocurrency itself, is used primarily to pay for the purchase and sale of advertisement time and space.

Advertisers can pay for specific quantities of impressions, conversions, subscriptions, and purchases. Once ad publishers accept an advertisers bid, ADX tokens are frozen in escrow and are only released upon an advertisement target being met.

The team behind the platform is create a next generation advertisement exchange system based on Blockchain technology. Additionally, the team plans on integrating a fiat gateway in the future. Which will allow platform users to cash out their tokens directly into fiat currencies.

It’s worth mentioning that despite ADX being created on the Ethereum Blockchain and Ethereum smart contracts, the team plans on migrating to the NEO Blockchain and taking advantage of their technology.